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Hello!  My name is Laural Randall. Welcome to our Echo Hill Publishers website.

The Randall family lived in a very small two bedroom house (with a path) on a half mixed farm in Central Alberta.  My father began raising a few dairy cows for our own use, (“Lolly and the Hat” and “Peter’s Surprise); pigs, (Braided Pig Tails”); a few Hereford cattle; grain, hay and chickens. However, when the bottom fell out of the pork market, he switched to dairy.  When the dairy board wanted the farmers to go to bulk tanks, etc. to store the milk, my father sat down and did some figuring. The result was the decision to go into beef cattle, and he started his Charolais herd, (The Great Chuckwagon Race).

We didn’t have a television set, nor power for that matter, until I was about eight years of age; so my parents spent a great deal of time introducing us to the classics, such as Treasure Island, Old Yeller, and so on. When my sister, Jeanette went to grade one, she brought home Dr Seuss stories, which my father took an instant liking to.

Education was very important to my parents and therefore has become very important to my siblings and I. Literacy and the love of reading is at the top of all our lists. So it only made sense that at least one of us would be an author.

In 1995 I started writing farm stories because there was a shortage of Central Alberta farm stories.

In 1997 our first book, Lolly and the Hat” went to press and what a thrill to see its pages roll off the printing press, and then hold the finished copy in our hands.

In 1999 we published “Peter’s Surprise.” Followed by “Braided Pigtails” in 2001 and “The Great Chuckwagon Race” in 2007. We reprinted “Lolly and the Hat” in 2004.