Echo Hill Publishers Laural Grimes


Echo Hill Publishers will ship their books to anywhere in the world. Customers are responsible for shipping and handling and any taxes that are applicable.
Laural will do seminars on self publishing to interested groups.
She will also do school visits and book signings at libraries or stores wishing to carry her books.

You can contact Laural with special requests if your requirements are different than those listed on this page, and she will discuss the request with you.

Self Publishing Presentation

Laural Randall will give sessions on how how she entered the world of self publishing and how to go about publishing your own book.  The sessions include testing the story, manuscript editing, choosing an illustrator if necessary, deciding on book format, choosing a printer, working with the printer, getting the script printer ready, promotion and selling of the finished product.
$350.00 per day
includes four sessions
does not include travel or travel time outside Red Deer city limits
or contact Laural for specific requests

School Visits

Laural has been active in Readers and Writers Workshops for school aged children.  She has developed a presentation that can be modified to suit the age and grade level she is presenting too, and has done presentations to children from preschool to high school. Her presentations are fun and informative and using her experience as a children’s librarian, she has no trouble keeping her audience interested and amused.
$350.00 per day,
including 4 sessions
not including travel time outside the city of Red Deer.

$0.56 per kilometer,  travel expenses

Library Readings

Laural has done book readings at various libraries for various ages. It is usually followed by a question and answer period and then Laural will sign any books her audience has bought and brought with them. She also usually brings books for sale.
$350.00 per day
includes maximum four sessions
or contact Laural for special requests

and $0.56 per kilometer travel expenses

Are you interested in having me come and visit your school or library? Send me a message via this form: